Monday, March 20, 2017

Face Value by Pocket of Lollipops

Swampspace presents:
by Pocket of Lollipops
A night of art, music, dance and networking.

Pass the tongue, move ones feet, be all eyes felt with fingertips, it’s all in the face. Tilt your head backwards.

Opens April 1, 2016 8pm

Friday, February 10, 2017

Courtship & Confections

Inspired by the mystique of love, Swampspace is thrilled to present: 

"Kissing is like drinking sea water.  You drink, and your thirst increases" Confucius.

Opening Reception February 18th 7-11pm

Art, Sculpture, New Media and much more.

Special Bonus: 
the KISSING BOOTH REDUX featuring surprise guests.

Kissing Booths were light spirited attractions at carnivals and fairs of days gone by.  On the surface these attractions were used to tantalize and loosen our pockets.  They are sentimental relics with an enduring practical purpose.  Reviving their benevolent tradition, the Kissing Booth fundraiser benefits the interns from Design and Architecture Senior High school.  

For Valentines Day we find ourselves at the crossroads of emotions; at the junction of contentedness and despair.   

"People who throw kisses are mighty hopelessly lazy" Bob Hope.

The intimacy of a kiss is happiness.

Special Thanks to:
Miami Design District
PBR Miami
HealthGate Fresh Miami


3940 N Miami Ave. 33127

Monday, November 21, 2016

DaBombDiggity - Basel Goes 80's

Dabombdiggity - A sentimental view of 1980's East Village Art Scene

Swampspace presents a comprehensive exhibition of a phenomenal art scene 80's New York City.

East Village veterans display ephemera from a phenomenal decade that was pivotal in formulating lasting influence in art,  fashion, music, dance and literature.

Exhibition offers a historical overview with emphasis on understanding cultural bounty of a spectacular yet fragile scene. 

We look at a brief chapter of tremendous creativity that occurred after the tumultuous 60's and before the proliferation of digital culture.

Opening Reception:
December 25, 2016   7-11pm

December 1, 2016 - January 15, 2017
Monday- Saturday 11-7pm

Special Thanks:
Pabst Blue Ribbon Miami
Miami Design District Associates
Museum of Modern Art NYC

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Swamptoberfest - Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Showcase

 Join us for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Miami Showcase of their National Art Competition. 
We'll have a full house of Miami's leading artists of mass culture appeal. 
Come vote for your favorite. 
Oh, and sample some free beer courtesy of America's most quintessential thirst quencher. Visit for details.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Uncommonly Swampy


What would become of our beloved River of Grass without the water that sustains it.  What would Miami be without the remarkable Design District.   Swampspace was launched in 2005 by native artist Oliver Sanchez.  Presenting innovative visual arts and performance by varied artists,  Swampspace delivers a unique experience for arts enthusiasts of all stripes.   Swampspace  is a distinct alternative venue recognized by the Knight Foundation for its enduring contribution the arts.   Biscayne Times Anne Tschida said " Sanchez is likely the most talented and prolific Miami Artist you've never heard of."   Ocean Drives Magazine Brett Sokol wrote "Miami's Best Kept Art Secret".   
But the truth is everyone knows about Swampspace and the wizard behind the curtain.    Because it is the preeminent artist run project space in Miami,  Swampspace is known to be both sophistication and unvarnished.  Because people are thirsty for culture and civility, they visit Swampspace like mariners to Morocco.

Under the auspices of Miami native Oliver Sanchez,  Swampspace was founded in 2005 on the premise that Miami needs authentic grass-roots venues to promote basic arts awareness.   Today Swampspace is a known destination for locals and visitors to Miami and its also a point of interest on the art world stage.

Located in the Miami Design District,  Swampspace presents innovative visual arts and performative productions focused on artistic values rather than profit.  The real dividend is enhanced civility of a broader community. 

Swampspace is already a dynamic platform for emerging, established and overlooked artists to present their work free of commercial restraints. Swampspace is a springboard for the youth toward career development. 

Our mission is to empower visitors with a greater understanding of our commonalities. The dream is to awaken the critical thinker in each of us.
The idea is to build on this existing foundation that Swampspace has set and take it to the next level of benevolence. 

With the support of partners,  Swampspace will continue to bring to the public a message of inclusion and compassion. 

Everyone is a Winner at Swampspace.